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What is Just Show Up?

Just Show Up (JSU) is a call to return to the Biblical way of learning – regular extended listening and reading together in community.

Inspired by the Biblical tradition of long-form listening as an act of remembrance and identity formation, Just Show Up hopes to meaningfully reconnect participants to the Bible and other classics.

Most of us want to read good literature. When we read, we learn new things, expand our horizons, and reignite our imaginations. Yet, in this age of ever changing technology and an ever growing pool of knowledge, getting through just one book is challenging, and if we’re honest, rather boring.

As these texts are absorbed by participants, they will experience consistent and robust growth in their minds and soul, transforming all spheres of their lives. Participants simply show up at their chosen location and receive a lengthy text as it is – no homework, no official interpretations, no right or wrong answers.

Learning is not a question of priority; it’s a question of strategy.

The King's College
Iglesia Familia de Fe
The Grace and Mercy Foundation
Manhattan Christian Collaboration Center
Victory Church