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Experience the Bible together in all its power


Just Show Up (JSU) is a call to return to the Biblical way of gaining wisdom and inspiration
by meeting regularly in community for extended listening and reading.
All across the world, we are helping the people of God love the Word of God.

Timothy Keller

Founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Public reading of Scripture played a major role in the interaction between God and His people in the Old Testament. It is commanded in the New Testament. I am delighted that The Grace and Mercy Foundation has picked up the cause of restoring it in communities of faith today through Just Show Up Bible Gatherings.

Mark Labberton

President of Fuller Theological Seminary

Just Show Up gatherings are a practical response to a personal and social reality: time.

Luis Palau


Just Show Up is a simple but brilliant tool that I believe can advance the Great Commission, and that gets me excited! I saw with my own eyes that it is both an enriching and empowering opportunity to be able to see, hear, and share Scripture. Whether you are an individual or organization, I would implore you to take advantage of this and Just Show Up!

Ravi Zacharias

Christian Apologist and Author

JSU is an amazingly simple concept with profound implications for life, thought and living. Just showing up is a small price to pay for just and joyful living.